Our Services


Super Yellow Taxi offers a full service with the best practices that the Taxi Industry has to offer:

1) All Taxicabs are licensed and insured:  verified with up-to-date inspection and operating permit decals.

2) Yellow Taxi Meter Rates are listed on the rear upper-side panels and, airport flat fares with their respective zones, inside front and back passenger seating compartments:

      Taxicab Meter RatesStart at $2.95 first 1/6 of a mile  $0.85 Each Additional 1/6 of a mile up to the 1st mile,  $2.40  Each mile thereafter. Waiting is $0.40 per minute.

3) Taxi drivers are registered and required to display their registration license  on the dashboard next to the taximeter.


Super Yellow Taxi delivers a professional service that offers a full satisfaction to our customer: